APS Meats’ story started when Antonio Puntrello arrived in the UK in 1956 and began working in the central kitchen of Spaghetti House.

In 1969 Antonio started his own grocery and retail butcher shop in partnership with his brother-in-law Salvatore Cicero.

The following year Antonio’s brother Vincenzo Bellini entered the partnership and together they opened 4 shops in the East Herts and North London area: Waltham Cross, Enfield Wash, Enfield Town and Bush Hill Park.

In 1979, this partnership split into separate companies, but they continued to support each other. That’s when Antonio and his son John, established APS Meats in Hazelbury Road, Edmonton (around the corner from the current premises in Westerham Avenue) initially as a retail concern selling cured and fresh meat.

Throughout the 1980s John doggedly shifted the emphasis of the business from purely retail to predominantly wholesale.

The current retail outlet on Westerham Avenue, N9 opened for personal customers in 1990 and since then APS Meats has built up a loyal customer following some of whom have been customers since Opening Day.

By the 90s growth was 10-15% every year, purely on word-of-mouth recommendations., as MD John explains, “We didn’t have to knock on doors, our customers came to us”

Football crazy

As you’d probably expect from a company with an Italian and North London heritage, APS Meats love their football.

For many years they had an active football team and would play every week, usually against teams from other restaurants. In the summertime, matches would be leisurely affairs with a barbeque and a modest supply of wine...

As limbs got sorer and injuries and recovery times increased, the final whistle was blown on APS Meats United in 2011.

APS Meats Shop & Van

APS Meats Shop & Van

APS Meats Customer in Shop


That’s not a problem, our experienced butchers know pretty much every cut and joint under the sun. And a few more you may not have heard of!

Just get in touch to discuss your meat produce needs.

Later in 2017 we are going to add an online to this website to make it much easier to order for our customers to order meat online.

Until we’re ready, please call us on 020 8807 7315 or 07831 232 199 or email or fax us on 020 8807 8080.