All our bacon products are sourced from approved suppliers in Holland or Germany holding BRC (British Retail Consortium) or equivalent accreditation and compliant with EU and UK legislation.

Seasonal demand: All year round, though demand for streaky bacon can increase during the festive season for 'pigs-in-blankets' and poultry basting.

Popular cuts: To be added

Bacon products:

75010 Gammon Steaks
75020 Back Bacon, 5lb Gold
75030 Streaky Bacon, 5lb pack
75040 Bacon Collar, 5lb pack
75050 Smoked Bacon
75060 Gammon, Green
75080 Smoked Belly of Pork
75140 Crispy bacon

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Later in 2017, we are going to add online ordering to this website to make it much easier for our customers to order meat online. Until then you can use our Order Form and send your order direct to us via our website.

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