We source high-quality salami, parma ham, pancetta and speck from a number of different Italian companies and provide to pizzerias and Italian restaurants around London and the South East.

One of our speciality cuts is culatello, also known as the King of Salami. It’s made in Tuscany and is so exclusive if you order some it may have your name on it! Fancy a culatello sandwich? We suggest a visit to Fortnum and Mason, Piccadilly, W1. But don’t forget your chequebook or credit card…

Seasonal demand: All year round?

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Cooked meat products:

85010 Ham, D-Shape
85020 Honey Roast Ham
85040 Pastrami
85060 Prosciutto Corallo
85061 Parma San daniele
85062 Parma Selezione blue
85080 Salami Napoli/Milano
85090 Mortadella Meta
85095 Mortadella Piccola
85120 Coppa
85130 Windsor Ham Shoulder
85150 Sliced ham
85160 Sliced Turkey
85170 Bresaola punta d`anca
85210 Pancetta Tesa Smoked
85230 Speck
85280 Smoked ham

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How to order

Later in 2017, we are going to add online ordering to this website to make it much easier for our customers to order meat online. Until then you can use our Order Form and send your order direct to us via our website.

By Phone

Call us on 020 8807 7315 or 07831 232 199

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