Our chicken comes from one farm in Suffolk that we’ve been using for nearly 50 years, their feed ensures the meat has a consistent texture. They're the best that we’ve come across for both price and quality.

Our poussin and duck are sourced from across the Channel from a meticulous French supplier who provides poussins that are almost identical in size and quality and exceptionally flavoursome ducks.

Seasonal demand: Poultry is one of the most popular meats eaten in the UK. As you'd expect demand spikes over the Christmas season when we may need your order by the end of November.

Popular cuts: to be added

Poultry selection

50010 Fresh Chickens
50020 Chicken legs
50025 Oyster Legs
50030 D-Breast
50050 Ducks, Fresh evisc
50070 Fresh Turkey
50080 Turkey Butterfly
50090 Turkey Crown
50115 Poussin double
50120 Supremes 7/8 oz
50130 Supremes 10/12 oz
50140 Corn fed Supremes
50141 Corn fed Chickens
50142 Poulet Noir
50160 Chicken wings 2 joint
50165 Chicken wings 3 joint
50180 Chicken fillets
50190 Smoked chickens
50220 Chicken Liver
50240 Chicken bones
50251 Supremes Skin On
55040 Duck breasts-male
55050 Duck breasts, female
55060 Duck legs
55410 Goose
55150 Duck liver
55160 Chicken drumsticks
55190 Chicken thighs
55195 Chicken thighs boneless
55230 Duck breast smoked

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How to order

Later in 2017, we are going to add online ordering to this website to make it much easier for our customers to order meat online. Until then you can use our Order Form and send your order direct to us via our website.

By Phone

Call us on 020 8807 7315 or 07831 232 199

By Fax

Fax us on 020 8807 8080