Dutch veal is the best quality 52 weeks a year thanks to a longstanding relationship with a superb veal supplier in the Netherlands.

Seasonal demand: All year round...

Popular cuts: To be added.

Veal cuts

60030 Dutch Veal, Loins
60040 Dutch Veal, Best ends
60050 Dutch Veal, Topside
60060 Dutch Veal, Escalopes
60075 Knuckle Of Veal
60090 Dutch Veal, Calf Bread
60100 Veal bones
60110 Calf feet
60111 Calf's Tongue
60120 Veal chops
60140 Calf's Liver
60150 Thick of veal
60160 Silverside of veal
60170 Calf kidney
60190 Ash fillet

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Later in 2017, we are going to add online ordering to this website to make it much easier for our customers to order meat online. Until then you can use our Order Form and send your order direct to us via our website.

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